Register for Icon 2024


How it works:

1. Mixed Case
Please complete the registration form in Mixed Case (Eg. Mr Siya Kolisi) and NOT ALL CAPS or small case.

2. Complete
Please complete the form as thoroughly as possible. Required fields that are left empty of completed incorrectly will be marked in red when you wan to submit the form.

3. Response time 10 working days
Directly after registration, you will receive an automated confirmation of submission e-mail.
Within 10 working days following registration you will receive a comprehensive and custom confirmation and invoice.
(We double check every submission to ensure the best registration experience for you.)

4. Payment
If you are confident that your registration fee was calculated correctly upon registration, you are welcome to pay via EFT or ONLINE via Mobipaid.
The banking details and Mobipaid link will be provided in both the automated registration e-mail and on your custom confirmation and invoice.

5. Enquiries
If you need to change any of your registration details, have a question or need to query anything pertaining your congress registration, please reach out to us via e-mail at


Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the South African POPI Act (Protection of personal information act).